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If engaging an audience of 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide excites you, you will be keen to read on. If growing a larger audience, reaching the right target groups, increasing your competitive edge are top of your marketing agenda, the following content is relevant to you.



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Digital Marketing is everywhere – from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM / Google Ads), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), YouTube and TikTok videos, down to augmented reality (AR), you can use almost any type of digital technology for marketing. As such, it is not surprising to see many marketers adopt digital marketing.

It is no surprise that companies are investing more marketing spend on Digital Marketing. Ever wondered what the key cornerstones of a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy are? Read on to find out more:






Mobile Considerations

90% of consumer transactions are started on one device and finished on another. (Neil Mohan, Google) Further, in 2014, smartphone and tablet sales grossly outnumber pc sales.  Learning what is possible with mobile and marketing to those users are crucial in today’s digital world. Every aspect of your digital marketing campaign should reflect mobile considerations.

SEO / Organic Search

Consumers get wanted information online through a variety of methods, the most prominent being search engine results. The first part of getting your website in front of potential customers and clients is to correctly optimize your website. Optimizing your website correctly will help the search engines identify what your site is all about, and how it relates to what the user is looking for. Implementing a solid organic search strategy will increase your website’s visibility within the search engines and help drive more traffic to your website, increasing your potential for a variety of positive opportunities.

Content Marketing

Content is a major driving factor in a digital marketing strategy. Utilizing a blog on a site is a great way to help provide visitors with fresh and relevant content. This will help lead to an increase in site visitors, user engagement, which both work to drive conversions. Creating new and impactful content for your website also creates business authority. Through proper content marketing strategies, you can establish recognition as a leader within your business vertical.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is a great medium for a business to build and increase brand presence throughout the Internet. It also provides a very powerful tool to share information and distribute content about products and services. Utilizing a variety of social media platforms creates new opportunities to interact and connect with potential customers and clients.

Lead Generation / Nurturing

Industry Professionals typically gauge the conversion rate from web traffic to be around 1-3%.  When your digital marketing campaign is driving qualified traffic to your website, what do you do with the remaining 97% of visitors who were not converted at the 1st instance?  This is where a strategic email marketing campaign helps to provide an ROI to your company. Marketing research shows that over 65% of consumers are inclined to make a purchase in association with a well planned email campaign. Remember, the majority of emails opened today are opened via mobile device so be sure that all email-marketing efforts are mobile-ready.

Are you looking for cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies for your business? Keen to build brand recognition and reach a bigger audience and expand? Keen to custom-build your landing pages and run data-driven campaigns? You have come to the right place. Our digital marketing consultants will assist your business by optimising your Digital Marketing strategies to complement your team’s efforts in strengthening brand presence and propelling your business to scale greater heights! Don’t just think big – Think GIANT.


AM8ZE Digital Marketing and Media Solutions include:

  • Corporate Web Portals
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Company Pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Google Ads
  • Email Automation
  • Analytics Driven Marketing Campaigns

Keyword optimization plays a major role in every aspect of Digital Marketing from content strategy, to link building, to how keywords are organised in your AdWords ad groups, to how your site content is organized, a.k.a your information architecture.

Keyword research is the process of researching and analyzing popular search terms, words, and phrases that people type into search engines like Google, and including them strategically in your content with the ultimate goal of making that particular piece of content appear higher on the search engine results pages.

In the world of Google’s Rankbrain, A.I, and modern search engine algorithms – traditional forms of keyword research just no longer apply. The modern digital landscape is forged by algorithms and indexed by robots created to understand how humans think – from intention all the way down to semantics.

Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content impacts the audience more than any other technique. Content writing allows your brand to create cohesive pieces of information. Consistency, especially in brand messaging, is one of the significant factors to determine the growth and success of your business. With content writing, a unique, identifiable voice, tone, and style across marketing channels, strengthens the brand messaging.

A well specified content writing used in a digital marketing strategy backed up with the tools and techniques to engage the right audience allows your brand to create cohesive pieces of information. It also strengthens audience engagement and retention. Good and relevant content is a key driving force behind all successful digital marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and social media marketing (SMM). Each piece of content signals a new opportunity for your business to connect with prospective customers.

Link building is a strategy that that gets web pages to link to each other by acquiring hyperlinks from other websites and apply them to your own site. It helps users navigate between different pages on the Internet. They also help search engines crawl between the pages on your website.

According to search engines, links are like up-votes for your website. The more positive votes, the better your site will perform in search engine results. Google uses backlinks to rank your site as link building gives you credibility, increased web traffic, visibility and exposure, higher site metrics and SEO scores, help your business to stand out as an authority voice, translating to greater revenue opportunities and more sales.

We help businesses launch link building campaigns by writing awesome stories to our global network of publishers, with reference to your content. Engage us to create the necessary backlinks and be above your competitors on Google.


Accessibility plays a big role in the success of mobile marketing. It allows you to reach your audience anywhere and anytime. While digital marketing has increased as a whole, it is mobile marketing that is the top choice for professional marketers and growing businesses.With the ability to increase brand awareness, facilitate engagement and even generate sales, Mobile Marketing is the fastest way to communicate with consumers and get your message out right now.

The bulk of web traffic these days come from mobile devices, not desktop. And we can expect that the percentage to keep increasing. Beyond the initial step of identification of the right product mix and pricing to get users to pick up your product, validate product/market fit, and jump-start the iteration process, start planning on the delivery of a compelling user experience by curating an effective Mobile Marketing Strategy – a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, social media, and mobile apps.

AM8ZE uses Google Analytics from Collection, Configuration, Processing to Reporting to monitor and derive an unbiased and objective set of web traffic data and analytics to facilitate key pivots to your Marketing Strategy. When used in conjunction with Google Ads, Google Analytics also gives you the tools you need to deliver awesome PPC campaigns. you can easily collect data from consumers that are connected to the internet, who interact with your website, whether you have an e-commerce, content, information, or lead generation site to help you understand and track the purchase journey. You then can use that data, analyze it, and better understand your audience and make adjustments as need to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing.

You can sift & sort your visitors with dozens of “dimensions” like where they came from, what browser they are using, etc and with “metric” like what page they clicked on and what form they submitted.Google Analytics is a must-have digital marketing tool for any business and this includes Traffic Sources, Topic Clusters, Device Types as well as Geo-locations.

Google Analytics allows you to track many important metrics, covering all aspects, from monitoring of the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience to device functionality.

A Digital Marketing Funnel is a model structure that traces the path of the customer from the moment she/he was aware of the product till the time the customer finally purchased it. It is a step-by-step guide to aid the conversion of your website visitors to customers. It gives a better insight as to what strategies can be used at what step so that you can bring about the above-mentioned conversion to reality. An effective digital marketing funnel is a combination of marketing tactics utilized to generate traffic to your business and nurture them properly to become loyal customers who advocate for your business.

From Exposure, Discovery, Consideration, Conversion, Customer Relationship to Customer Retention, the funnel aggregates critical information to Marketing Professionals on what to offer users at each of the stages within this entire convincing process.

Digital marketing has changed the way large and small businesses have communicated with their customers and increased sales. Develop Lead Magnets to draw the right crowd to your website, generate Amplifiers to broadcast and strengthen your Brand Messaging to your Target Audience and run Conversion Events to drive active and sustainable conversion and referrals.


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