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Our client, a music academy based in Singapore, offers a diverse range of music classes for both children and adults. To enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience and to reduce their administrative overhead, the academy decided to embark on their Digitalization Journey.





Manual Processes: The academy relied heavily on manual administrative tasks, leading to inefficiencies, errors and delays.
Parent Communication: Communicating with parents and students about fees, schedules and student progress was time-consuming and prone to mistakes.
Class Management: Coordinating teacher schedules, class rosters and attendance required significant effort.




Post-Digitalisation: Customised AM8ZE Training Management Solution Suite Adoption

Teacher Portal: Teachers now access lesson plans, resources and student profiles digitally, streamlining communication.
Student Portal: Students receive personalised updates, assignments and progress reports online.
Fee Management: Automated invoicing reduces manual effort and ensures accurate billing.
Recurring Invoices with Dynamic QR Codes: Parents receive unique and dynamic QR-coded invoices, simplifying payment and minimizing errors when paying via bank apps.
Teacher Scheduling and Class Rostering: Digitalised systems optimize resource allocation.
Attendance and Leave Management: Digital attendance tracking minimizes errors and provides real-time insights.
Leave requests are submitted and approved through the system, reducing paperwork.
Trial Lesson Facilitation: Prospective students can easily sign up for trial lessons via the academy’s website or portal.
Automated Reminders: enhance follow-up and conversion rates.




Benefits Achieved




Productivity Savings
  • Reduced administrative workload by 30% by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Teachers spend more time on instruction and less on paperwork.
Error Reduction
  • 60% fewer mistakes in fee calculations, attendance records, and communication.
  • Dynamic QR codes eliminate payment errors.




Enhanced Customer Journey
  • Parents appreciate timely updates, transparent billing and easy access to information via the Student Portal.
  • Prospective students have a seamless trial lesson experience which often progress to the Student Onboarding Process.




By embracing digitalization, our client has transformed its operations, achieving efficiency gains, error reduction and improved customer satisfaction. The academy now stands as a model for other educational institutions seeking to enhance their processes through technology.

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